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SJCE Results

SJCE results is a website that displays semester end exam results of students in more aesthetic way by providing various features such as automatic GPA calculation, ranking based on various criteria, subject and department analytics, search by name, etc.
Official university website allows result search only based on the serial number assigned to the student when they enroll. The search yields very limited information about the student. upon fetching the result, GPA would need to be calculated manually. If the students are curious about their classmate’s results and don’t know their serial numbers, students would repeatedly try different values of serial numbers until they find the right result. Since these results are replaced when a new semester grades are uploaded, there was no way to access previous semester grades.

Since official website only offers basic search, we wanted to add flexibility and provide more information for our university students. So, we started our venture to create a portal where results are presented in simple and systematic way, providing exhaustive details and statistics. We started by fetching data from official website by downloading the HTML page of each result using a C program and then parsed using a DOM parser. Using this data, search criteria was expanded to include partial or full name, branch, year and serial number. Website also provides three rankings to each student- ranking by class, department and university. Graphical representation of insights on each subjects and analytics of each departments is also incorporated.

Homepage with easy access to all features

Homepage is designed in such a way that the user has access to all features at the launch of the website. user can navigate to any features with just one click.

Classwise results:

This feature lists out the result of the entire class in the increasing order of the ranks(GPA). There is dropdown provided to navigate back to previous semesters. When a particular result is selected, we can see the details of all the courses the student had opted in that semester along with the grades obtained. The app also calculates the GPA of that semester, class rank, department rank and college rank.

Departmentwise results:

Department wise result fetches the top fifty candidates from the entire department ( say computer science) and displays the list in the increasing order of the ranks(GPA)

Subject Analytics:

Subject insights give the graphical information about the subject selected such as number of students scoring particular grades, class average grade and percentage value of students scoring each grade. These insights proved helpful for both students and professors to see an overview of the grades in that subject.

Department Analytics:

Department analytics ranks each department of college based on department average. (average GPA of all the students in that department) This graphical view is highly customizable based on the user's requirement such as selecting different years, semesters, etc.

Languages/Tools used:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop

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