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With rapid growth of technology, banking has evolved to a great extent. From withdrawing money through ATM machine by just inserting a plastic card to sending money to a person in different country in seconds. This award-winning hackathon project showcases some of the advanced banking features that makes transactions seamless and easy. Key features are:

1. Share Pay:

Sharepay provides a seamless way to share a bill among friends. Sharing a bill has never been easier. Let's assume a scenario where you go to a restaurant with your friends and each ordered dishes of varying prices. To be fair, all of you decide to get individual checks but the restaurant does not agree to take more than one card per table. Sorting through cash could be cumbersome. Why go through all the hassle when you can use SharePay!

Your restaurant bill has a QR code printed on it, just scan the QR code using the app and all the details such as total cost, vendor etc. will be shown on the screen. Now select the friends with whom you want to split and enter the split cost owed by each party and select ‘Send Sharing Request’. Your friends will get a notification in their app asking them to accept/reject the transaction. when all your friends accept the payment request, money will be debited from each person's account. This debited money will be credited to the payment initiators account and from his account to the vendor/restaurant automatically.

2. Cardless ATM:

It's the end of the month! you have dozens of bills to pay but you run out of cash in your wallet and the ATM is kilometers away from your place. You have to pay your maid's salary, but you have to go to ATM to withdraw the cash. Wouldn't it be easy if your maid got the money without you going to ATM and withdrawing it? Using the feature of cardless ATM you can now tell your maid to withdraw her salary herself in the ATM machine!

Cardless ATM is simple and has various applications. To use cardless ATM, you need to have the app installed. Open the app and choose cardless ATM option. Now enter the amount and phone number of the maid who would be withdrawing the money. The app generates two OTPs, one is sent to maid's phone number as a message and the other is sent to you. Share the OTP with the maid. That’s all you need to do! Now she just has to go to ATM and enter both the OTPs in the ATM machine to withdraw the cash. With the cardless ATM facility, banking reaches deeper roots of the population, particularly in the rural areas where people lack atm cards/bank accounts.

Languages/Tools used:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop

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